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Do we need wire decking in our rack system?

Updated: Feb 23


In many cases, companies view wire decking as an accessory in their operations. It is true that wire decks may not be required to construct a pallet racking system that is fully functional. The question really is: Do wire decks provide enough value to outweigh their upfront cost? Today, we will look at the benefits of having wire decking in your racking system and why they may be in your best interest to invest in.  

42” deep pallet racking is the most common in warehouses across the United States. In many cases, pallets rest on the load beams as they are deeper than the shelf itself. So, are wire decks necessary to hold the pallets in the air? No, they are not. Just because they are not required doesn’t mean that leaving them out is the best decision for your company. Wire decks make your pallet racking system much more user-friendly to your forklift operators, therefore making your systems much safer in the long run.  

By putting wire decks in your racking system, you are creating a flat area that your pallets can rest on. Imagine, instead of a forklift driver needing to accurately place the pallet precisely on the tops of the load beams we have now created a solid shelf for the pallet to rest on. This alone has made it much easier to place pallets overhead, especially when that shelf is thirty feet in the air. Creating ease for your forklift operators will inherently increase their overall efficiency and productivity. In the same way, creating a solid shelf for your pallets will prevent pallets from falling through your pallet racking systems. Reducing these risks will protect your inventory from damage and increase the safety of your warehouse or distribution center.  

The best thing about wire decking is that it is easy to find and install retroactively. Should you find that you do not have wire decks in your racking systems now but would like to add them to your operation all you need to do is remove your pallets and lay the decks right into place. Most wire decking doesn't require bolts or screws to stay in place. The decks are made with rolled ends to fit over your load beams. Installation is simple and hassle free.  

Wire Decking is a staple in our inventory here at Pallet Rack Warehouse & Supply. Should you find that wire decking will add value to your operation, we can help you upgrade your systems today! We keep a large inventory of both used and new wire decks. Reach out to us today for a personalized quote!  

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