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Pallet Rack Warehouse and Supply is Atlanta's trusted source for pallet racking and industrial shelving. We understand that the industrial pallet racks you choose affect the efficiency of your business. We can help you design and install a warehouse layout that will not only maximize your warehouse capacity, but also keep your products moving with speed and accuracy.

No other industrial pallet racking supplier in the Southeast offers a wider selection, higher quality, or better customer service than Pallet Rack Warehouse and Supply of Stone Mountain, GA. Take advantage of our expertise today.


Teardrop racking is the most common type of racking available. Nearly 85% of all racking systems utilize teardrop racking. It is considered to be “selective racking” because it maximizes the number of pallet positions readily accessible in your warehouse.

We stock a large inventory of teardrop racking to allow our clients to quickly and easily expand their current racking system or replace damaged components.

Our stock of teardrop racking is imported from the highest quality suppliers and assembled in our Stone Mountain warehouse, which helps us provide a superior product at an affordable price.

Push Back

Push Back Racking is a great solution for companies working with LIFO (Last In First Out) inventory systems.

Using a push back system, pallets are loaded onto floats from the front and pushed back by the forklift operator that is loading the next pallet.

This system can greatly improve efficiency, especially for companies handling many pallets of similar products.

Carton Flow

Carton flow is designed to keep product moving inside a bay of rack. It is often loaded from the rear of the rack in bulk and pulled from the front for packing and shipping.

This type of racking is perfect for a FIFO (First In First Out) inventory system.

Pallet Rack Warehouse & Supply can help you design, build, and install carton flow racking from scratch to enhance or expand your current setup.


All of the components of C-Channel Structural racking are made from C-Channel steel which makes this system incredibly strong.

Structural racking can handle the highest capacity loads and is very durable. This system is great for heavy duty products and pallet loads.

We often buy used structural systems during decommission projects and have used systems and replacement components available.


If you are looking for a more adaptable alternative to standard pallet racks, consider cantilever racking.

Cantilever racks are more flexible and compact than standard racks, but are strong enough to handle heavy loads. Every row on a cantilever rack can bear a load along its entire length, and the absence of a front column allows for increased handling space.


A cantilever racking system is great for storing long or oddly shaped parts and products such as, wood pieces, trim, metal or plastic tubing, steel pipe, or conduit.



T-Bolt Racking is a hybrid of teardrop and structural racking. It is lighter weight than structural, but has a higher weight capacity than teardrop.

​The design uses nuts and bolts to connect the beams to the uprights similar to C-Channel structural racking.

While less common than teardrop racking, T-Bolt racking can be a perfect fit for unique warehouse configurations. Our team can help you determine if T-Bolt racking is the right solution for your needs.

Wide Span

Wide span racking is an affordable option for applications where small shelving is not heavy duty enough, but regular racking is not necessary.

Wide span racking is great for both industrial and home use. It is easy to configure, with shelves that can be arranged to fit your specific storage needs. It is easily customizable for any size space.

We sell both new and lightly used wide span racking from our decommission projects.


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