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Get more out of your warehouse with cantilever racking


Warehouse and distribution centers must maximize storage capacity within their available floor space. One innovative solution more Atlanta warehouses should implement is a cantilever racking storage system.

Cantilever racking is the ideal industrial shelving for storing long, bulky items like pipes, boards, rods, molding, and other building materials. What makes cantilever racks different is that they only need support on one end of each shelf or “arm.” This allows easy access to stored items from the open sides without obstructing materials stacked above.

Compared to standard selective pallet racks, cantilever racks enable much denser storage in terms of linear footage since there are no vertical obstructing posts. They also accommodate items of varying lengths that would be awkward to store on traditional shelving units. The cantilever arms can be adjusted based on item size - from a few inches up to 30 feet long!

Utilizing cantilever racking is a smart move for Atlanta warehouses serving industries like construction, oil & gas, metal fabrication, and lumber. One of our clients increased their storage capacity by 30% by implementing cantilever racks. Companies can optimize their expensive warehouse square footage to hold more of the long raw materials and components their customers' demand. This also provides safer, more organized inventory storage.

Pallet Rack Warehouse & Supply offers high-quality cantilever rack solutions designed to meet each business’s unique needs. Our project managers can assess your stock items and facility layout to determine the ideal rack capacity, load ratings, arm length adjustments, and configurations. Investing in well-built cantilever racks will improve workflow, inventory control, and storage density.

As Atlanta companies expand distribution capabilities to keep pace with rapid regional growth, considering cantilever racks can avoid the need to acquire more warehouse space, thereby increasing ROI. The flexible open-access design is perfect for the pipes, poles, beams, and bars that keep Atlanta’s supply chain moving. Reach out to us today to explore how these storage solutions can maximize your available industrial space.

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