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We need the BEST design for our warehouse

We just secured our next warehouse. We know we need pallet racking. But what is the best way to layout our warehouse?”  Have you ever found yourself or your company having these thoughts? Every company goes through a planning process that starts with those questions. As experts in pallet racking systems, we can help you get started in the right direction! 

Many companies find themselves needing pallet racking to best optimize their storage efficiency. If your business stores and ships inventory, a properly designed pallet racking system could certainly help your operation grow to new heights. The very first thing we must understand in warehouse design is no two operations have the exact same needs. Therefore, your pallet racking system can be different than anyone else’s. Once we understand that, the next step is to clearly define what is most important to your operation. For example, a warehouse that operates twenty forklifts per shift will have different concerns than that of a warehouse that may operate three forklifts. There are common components in many pallet racking systems in the United States, but at the end of the day we are designing a system that will best serve your needs in your warehouse.  

If you find you have an overwhelming amount of inventory, and not a lot of space to store it, then a high-density design may be your best option. The best way to make sure we do that is to design and build a pallet racking system that will allow you to store material as high as possible in your warehouse. The two factors that will come into play here are the clear height of the warehouse, and the maximum reach height of your forklift equipment. Once we have determined how high you can store inventory, the next factor in our equation is selectivity.  

Do you store a LOT of the same pallets? If you find you move high volumes of a limited amount of part numbers, there a several styles of racking made just for you! Drive in pallet racking, push back pallet racking, or AS/RS Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems may be the best design concept for you. All these racking systems focus on limiting the number of pallets immediately accessible, but instead they maximize your density. These systems can have a higher entry level price point; however, you will find they could reduce the overall footprint you need to store all your inventory.  

For those companies that need many easily accessible pallet positions, we have a couple options here as well. Many warehouses utilize standard selective pallet racking. Tried and true this design concept can allow maximum pallet accessibility and the ability to easily change your system to meet changing demands. For several business models here in the States, a double deep racking system may be the best option for both worlds. Double deep pallet racking is made by placing another row directly behind another. Double deep racking systems must be loaded and unloaded with reach trucks. This hybrid design brings density and selectivity together in a unique way.  

Warehouse design is equally as much about your materials as it is the space you are working within. Do you need to start designing your next warehouse or distribution center? Feel free to contact our sales staff for a design that will best serve your needs. We offer free in person consultations here at PRWS! We can meet you at your facility, record all measurements, identify your needs based on your inventory, and design a system that will work for you! We are here to add value to your operation, let us help you take your operation to new heights!  

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